Administration and Boards

CEO Kurt Waldbillig, his administrative team and all employees at SCBH work together with the Governing Board to make sure our patients receive quality, hands-on, personalized care. 

2015 SCBH Boards


2015 Governing Board

Kory Johnson, Chair

Patty Schreck, Vice-Chair

Brian Samuelson, Treasurer

Deb Moorse, Secretary

Tom Anderson

Dan Enderson

Joe Fox

Jill Hedman

Richard Horecka, MD

Kurt Waldbillig

2015 Foundation Board

Jerry Peterson, Chair

Ron Laycock, Vice-Chair

Carol Peterson, Secretary

Jan Goff, Treasurer

Jan Baukol

Shirley Ferguson

Jon Hawley

Larry Kenyon

Gary Loen

Patty Schreck

2015 Auxiliary Board

Shelly Vergin, President

Angela Nissen, Vice President

Robyn Abner, Secretary

Molly Hanson, Co-Treasurer

Darcy Claussen, Co-Treasurer

Jan Baukol, Foundation Representative

Mary Langan

Angie Mattheisen

Melissa McGinty-Thompson

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