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2013 SCBH Board Changes

Hospital, Foundation and Auxiliary Board members give many hours to keep these organizations moving and maintain the vision for the future of SCBH. Thank you seems like such a small thing to say for all the work these people have done for the hospital. This year we would like to thank our outgoing hospital board… Learn More »

SCBH Breaks Ground on New Clinic and Rehab Facilities

Strokes–Signs & Symptoms

May is recognized as Stroke Awareness Month.  According to the CDC, anyone can have a stroke, but certain behaviors and medical conditions can increase your chances. Fortunately, anyone can take steps to lower their risk.

SCBH Celebrates 100 Years of Healthcare Services

Swift County-Benson Hospital is 100 Years Old this year.  We’re planning a century year of celebration, starting with Emerald Eve in March 2013.  Watch the web, newsletter or the newspaper for lots more information.

Electronic Health Records: Securing the Future

Electronic record keeping is not a wave of the future, it’s here right now.  Almost every sector of business: banking, finance, education, retail, government, credit bureaus have moved from paper to electronic records.  The government has recently mandated that health care facilities throughout the U.S. need to be equipped with Electronic Patient Health Records by… Learn More »

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