Help to Eliminate Falls and Accidents at Home and in the Workplace

Occupational Health ServicesThe ability to navigate your home or workplace efficiently is important to one’s overall health.   A home that was once safe can become a hazard to a person in a wheelchair or recently home from the hospital.  Rugs or stairs that were once welcome accents to the home décor can become hard to navigate to person impaired by an accident or stroke.  In the workplace, a mismatch between the worksite design and the person’s abilities can lead to unsafe and inefficient work practices and, ultimately injuries.

Our Occupational Health specialists are able to evaluate your work and home environments and develop a common sense rehabilitation plan for your areas of concern.  If you are interested in more information about  home and workplace Ergonomics and Occupational Health contact the Rehabilitation Center directly at 320-843-1340.

SCBH Breaks Ground on New Clinic and Rehab Facilities

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