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New Rehab Center Opens

 Smiling Faces...New Spaces<br /><br />New Rehab Center Opens    Smiling Faces…New Spaces

      The New Rehabilitation Center

After an accident, joint surgery, or an injury or an illness that causes chronic pain, skilled Rehabilitation is a vital part of your continued healing and wellness.  SCBH has partnered with Big Stone Therapy to provide skilled physical, occupational, speech and sensory integration therapy to persons of all ages.

If you need physical therapy and can’t come to us, we can come to you. If you or a loved one needs a home safety assessment, call SCBH.  If your child needs sensory integration therapy, we have therapists specially trained in pediatric therapy.   Back pain or chronic pain? Let us help you.

The new Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of therapies and assessments:

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Body mechanics education
  • Home safety assessments
  • At-home physical therapy
  • Athletic training at school
  • Special pediatric program for sensory integration
  • Special trained orthopedic services
  • Back and neck pain therapies
  • Disk assessment and therapies
  • Individualized programs for stroke patients
  • Assessment and help with chronic pain
  • Balance therapy and Vestibular system rehab for inner ear balance

News from Frank Lawatsch, CEO — February 2013

The clinic/hospital project is progressing according to schedule. The building is fully enclosed, floors have been poured and stud walls erected as you saw in a recent edition of the Swift County Monitor. The contractor will begin sheetrocking next week.
The entire project is estimated to be completed in September. We appreciate the understanding of patients, neighbors and staff members for the inconveniences that
occur during a project of this type. We know you will be pleased with the new facilities which will better accommodate the needs of our patients and staff.
As mentioned in our last newsletter, the SCBH Governing Board is evaluating the reinstatement of OB delivery privileges at SCBH with the understanding that SCBH will make a good faith effort to reinstitute the OB program at SCBH by the time Dr. Dammeyer returns from his fellowship C-section training in June. A tentative timetable for training our nursing staff has been developed in concert with Rice Hospital OB personnel and standards and protocols are being developed in concert with established professional association guidelines. Finally, the financial effect of reinstituting the program will also need to be further evaluated.
We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen Asp, Otolaryngologist, will begin providing outreach ENT services at SCBH this month. Also, Dr. James Green, orthopedic surgeon from Morris, has started providing orthopedic coverage when Dr. Holte is out of town. We previously mentioned that Dr. John Dvorak, ophthalmologist, is providing outreach services at SCBH as well as Dr. Erol Uke who provides outreach urology services. 
We appreciate the outreach surgical services provided by ACMC providers Dr. Steve Kidd, general surgeon, and podiatrist, Dr. Jon Pederson and the oncology consultation provided by Dr. J. Michael Ryan as well as the outreach cardiology services provided by the cardiologists from St. Cloud Cardiology. We also want to recognize our local providers, Drs. Roger Bauer, Matt Dammeyer, Rick Horecka and Mary Felt and Rachel Wilcox for their commitment and service to our community.
We strive to provide as many services as we can locally to eliminate the need for travel out of town. You should feel free to ask your provider if you can have a service or procedure performed in Benson.
We’re pleased to welcome Mark Frank and Kory Johnson to the SCBH Governing Board and want to thank outgoing members, Dr. Tony Hilleren and Ed Ulmaniec, for their service on our board. We also want to thank outgoing members of the SCBH Auxiliary, Margie DeMarce and Holly Rodahl for their service and welcome Angela Nissen and Angie Mattheisen to membership on the auxiliary board. Finally, we want to thank Helen Claussen, Julie Holte and Julie Zniewski for their service and welcome new members Jon Hawley, Gary Loen and Traci Pahl to the SCBH Foundation Board.
Finally, we are excited about the 100th anniversary of the Benson hospital. The SCBH Foundation is planning our anniversary as the focal point for Emerald Eve
2013. Our thanks to Patty
Schreck, member of our governing and foundation boards, for assuming the responsibility of chairing the planning committee. We look forward to seeing you on April 12 at McKinney’s! 



The construction is nearly complete. . .

Please Join Us  for our Open House 


on Tuesday, October 22, from 4:00pm – 6:30pm for our Open House.

Stop in and take a tour of our new facility.  See the new clinic, therapy department, and more!  The official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 4:15pm.  Refreshments will be offered.

There are many reasons to have your Surgery, Tests and Treatments at SCBH. JUST ASK…

  • Did you know Swift County-Benson Hospital can provide many of the inpatient, outpatient and surgical services you may need?  JUST ASK your provider if you can be treated close to home at SCBH.
  •  Did you know that hospitals the size of Swift County-Benson Hospital usually have less incidences of staph infection than larger hospitals?  JUST ASK your provider to have your surgery or procedure performed close to home in Benson.
  •  Did you know that all healthcare professional staff in the nation go to the same schools and take the same tests to be certified and registered?  Your nurse may have attended school and taken the certification test with a nurse that works at Mayo, Alina, or Appleton.  JUST ASK your nurse to tell you about that.
  •  Did you know that Swift County-Benson Hospital has an excellent staff retention and education rate.  Our staff comes from the Benson area, not a nurse’s registry.
  •  It’s a proven fact that you will heal faster and have more positive outcomes if you receive visits from friends and family.  Visits to Swift County-Benson Hospital are more relaxed for both patients and loved ones because driving to SCBH is easier and parking is a breeze, especially in the winter.
  •  Based on patient outcomes,  Swift County-Benson Hospital has been named one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation by Thompson-Reuters.
  •  Swift County-Benson Hospital has a new state-of-the-art surgery center.  Skilled doctors from many specialties come to SCBH to perform surgery.  JUST ASK your provider which specialties practice here.
  •  If you have treatments or surgery at Swift County-Benson Hospital you will begin your therapies and treatments with the same professional and continue with the same person until you have recovered.  JUST ASK if you can stay close to home.
  • If you have a problem or a question and have stayed close to home, your doctors and nurses are more accessible to you.  They know you.  You are a person to them, not a condition or a number.  JUST ASK if you can be treated close to home at Swift County-Benson Hospital.



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