Before Your Stay

Before your stay at Swift County Benson Hospital, we want you to be prepared.

Here are some things to think about and questions to ask.

Questions to ask your doctor about your care.

What will happen during my treatment?
How long will I stay in the hospital?
Who will be in charge of my care while I am in the hospital?
How will pain be managed?
Do I need to stop any medicines before the surgery?
Can I meet with the surgeon ahead of time?
Can I meet with the anesthesiologist ahead of time?

Ask your doctor about your care after you are discharged.

How long will it take to recover once I am home?
How much help will I need?
Will I need to stay in a nursing or rehabilitation facility before I go home?
If yes, can I choose where to go?
How can I arrange to see a discharge planner at the hospital, to help me plan for my needs at home?

Call your health plan and ask about your costs and benefits.

Is there a hospital deductible? If so, what is it?
What is the co-pay or co-insurance?

Choose someone to be your spokesperson and advocate.

Tell the hospital who this person is.

List things to take with you.

Medicines you need to keep taking.
Alcohol-based hand cleaner for you and your visitors to use.
Toothbrush and other necessities (leave jewelry and cosmetics at home).


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