Preparing for Surgery

Important Things to Bring

  1. Insurance cards:  Bring your health insurance and prescription cards.
  2. List of medicines:  Bring a list of the prescription and non-prescription medicines and vitamin supplements you are taking, including the name, dosage and concentration.  Note! If you are staying overnight in the hospital, bring medicines with you so that we can identify name, dosage and concentration. However, in most cases, you will not be able to use these prescription or non-prescription medicines, or herbal or vitamin supplements that you bring from home.
  3. ATM card or cash:  The cafeteria takes cash and Visa and Mastercard; no personal checks are accepted.
  4. Clothing:  You may feel better in your own clothes, including:
    1. Comfortable day clothes like sweat pants, large t-shirts, socks and underwear
    2. Night clothes like pajamas, a robe and slippers.
  5. Comfort items:  A favorite blanket, book, video or music (with headphones) will help soothe you. Consider bringing pictures of family, friends and pets.

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