New Digital Mammography System Shows CLEAR ADVANTAGE

May 18, 2012 by Naomi
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“The new Seleniaâ„¢ Digital Mammography System is the Gold Standard in technology for mammograms. It is the same digital technology used by the Mayo Clinic organization.”

Mike Heinzig, Radiology Manager at SCBH

Screening digital mammograms can detect changes in the breast two to seven years before they can be felt. That’s the reason our new high definition digital mammography technology offers women so many clear advantages:

  • It’s quicker. There’s no waiting, less repeated imaging and exposure to radiation.
  • Repositioning of the breasts for additional imaging is frequently unnecessary.
  • For younger women and those with dense breasts, screening with digital mammography provides better visualization of the breast tissue.
  • Suspicious areas can be enhanced, magnified and analyzed immediately.
  • In conjunction with the digital mammography unit, Computer-Aided Detection has also been installed. CAD provides a “second read” of the mammogram by a computer. This helps the radiologist in making an accurate diagnosis, like spell check in word processing.

“The digital images are extremely clear and there’s no waiting. The newly designed room is completely private and comfortable. We’re in the room at all times to answer questions,” said Brenda Jensen, Radiology Technologist.

Digital mammography definitely has advantages for the radiologist:

  • Digital mammography is “filmless”, nothing has to be developed.
  • Images are analyzed on a monitor and stored electronically. Of course, hard copies can always be produced if needed.

“American Cancer Society guidelines tell women to have a baseline mammogram at age 40 and annually after that. Over the last few years the ACS has documented a decrease in women having mammograms. Early detection is the key in the fight against breast cancer. I hope this new equipment and more private room will help encourage women to have this important test,” Heinzig added.

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