The New IV/Chemo Therapy Rooms at SCBH are AWESOME!

December 17, 2010 by Naomi
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IV/Chemo The results are in…Ione Laycock, RN, therapy nurse, David Johnson, therapy patient, and Deann Johnson, David’s wife and caregiver, all agree the IV and Chemo Therapy program and the new therapy rooms at SCBH are AWESOME.

“Most of the larger hospitals, like Mayo or the University of Minnesota, refer patients who live in this area to SCBH for IV or Chemo therapy treatments. I coordinate these treatments with them and stay in touch with the referring doctors. That’s how I met the Johnsons,” said Ione Laycock.

“When my doctor at Mayo told me he was prescribing IV therapy, I asked him if I could have it in Benson. He checked with SCBH and said there would be no problem coordinating my care with Benson. This saves me time. I’m not away from my business like I would be if I had to drive to Mayo and allows me the flexibility tommer, 2009 schedule treatments around my work plans. That’s important to me,” said Clontarf resident, David Johnson.

“Ione and the scheduling people are exceptional. They are so friendly and make everything convenient for us. I schedule the treatments, and we know if I schedule David for an 8 a.m. treatment, everything will be ready for us at 8 a.m.,” Deann Johnson said. “The rooms are private and comfortable. I watch TV, relax or talk to Ione if I have questions,” added David, “Ione coordinates my care with the Mayo Clinic. She calls them if she has questions. One time there was a discrepancy in my therapy plan, and she called my Mayo doctor to discuss it. He was impressed that she did that.”

“We have two new rooms for IV and Chemo therapy. They are situated off a hallway, so people walking by can’t look in and see who is in the room. Each room has two chairs, so we can accommodate four patients at a time,” Ione said.

Generally, most IV or Chemo Therapy sessions last from 30 minutes to six hours depending on the prescription. “Part of my job is to help patients find resources for their specific condition. Sometimes they need to talk with their pastor, a counselor, or family members. Sometimes I order them specific materials about their condition, sometimes they need home health or some other kind of support. And sometimes they need hugs. It’s all part of my job,” quipped Ione. Deann added, “SCBH is a wonderful healthcare facility for Benson. We are indeed fortunate to have this hospital and service available in our community.”


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