Building A Better Healthcare System One Gift At A Time

SCBH Foundation Capital Fundraiser Campaign Impact

A History of Successful Fundraising

The Swift County-Benson Hospital Foundation was established in 1995 for the sole benefit of Swift County-Benson Health Services. The Swift County-Benson Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteer community members. Over the years, we have raised over $3,000,000 dollars to support projects such as Scandi Haven Village, the hospital surgical suite, medical equipment upgrades, a new ambulance and life-saving technologies, scholarships, health-focused programs, and many other projects that have improved the way our health care campus provides its services. Together with the SCBH Auxiliary, our history of support has improved access to quality healthcare services for our rural community.

The SCBH Auxiliary was formed in 1949 to rally community support for hospital needs. This organization of women kindled a community spirit that at one point raised $65,146.66 (a large sum for the time) to purchase equipment for our, then, newly-built hospital. In addition to fundraising, the early members of the Auxiliary collected hospital supplies such as soap, linens, blankets, and baby clothes for the hospital, recruited blood donors, and created opportunities to inspire and cultivate future nurses. Today, with the SCBH Foundation, the SCBH Auxiliary organizes and supports events like Emerald Eve and the Annual Golf Outing to support the maintenance and improvement of the hospital’s equipment and facilities and host public education events like Learn for Life.

The financial support of fundamental local services such as hospitals, clinics, emergency services, and senior housing is crucial for rural communities. Can you imagine life in our community without local access to these critical services?

Recently Completed Projects

  • Scandi Haven Village Green Space
  • Pharmacy Remodel
  • Ambulance & Zoll Monitor
  • ER Bed Scale
  • 3D Mammography Machine
  • Hospital & Community Services

Evolving To Keep Healthcare Here

As healthcare continues to evolve, the SCBH Foundation strives to help Swift County-Benson Health Services maintain its critical role in providing vital healthcare services. Thanks to your donations, the latest in medical technologies and equipment have been made available to our rural community. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support. Together, we can keep quality healthcare here.

How To Donate

You can donate to the SCBH Foundation through any of the following methods:

  • Pledge or Donation – An amount of your choice to give each month or year for the next three years. Call 320-843-4232 to set up a schedule.
  • Memorial or Honorarium – Honor the memory of a beloved family member or friend by making a donation in memory of them.
  • Bequest in Will or Trust
  • Sponsor a Specific Project – If you have a preference on what you donate to support, let us know!
  • Life Insurance
  • Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trust or Lead Trusts
  • Direct Gift From IRA
  • Give Online (fill out form below)

The SCBH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means your contributions may be tax deductible or excluded from your income.

Please contact your attorney, financial advisor or accountant to discuss the method of giving that is best for you.

This fundraiser will be ongoing for three years. You have the option to give an amount of your choice on a fixed schedule over a three-year period.

Donation Recognition

The SCBH Foundation recognizes Foundation donors by listing their names in the SCBHS newsletter.

Questions? Contact us!

We hope that you will consider supporting quality, local health care by making a donation to the SCBH Foundation.

Please contact Michele Samuelson at 320-843-1311 to learn more. Thank you for your support! We look forward to your call.