Hospital Week - SCBHThis year’s National Hospital Week runs from May 8-14. At Swift County-Benson Hospital, we are invested in providing quality, trusted care every day of every year.  A hospital is more than a place where people go to heal, it is a part of the community that fosters health and represents hope. From administering treatment and comfort to the sick, to providing outreach and education, hospitals are central to a healthy and optimistic community.  We are extremely proud of each member of our staff and we recognize the important role they play in extending a sense of trust to our patients and our communities. . Join us in thanking the many individuals who give their all to keep us healthy and happy.

Diana Ahrndt
Valerie Alsaker
Becky Behm
Bradley Berens
Kyle Brundage
Kelly Carlson
Amanda Carruth
Cynthia Carruth
Beatrice Comty-Charnock
Jeff Dehaan
Debra Desmith
Annette Dingmann
John Dvorak, MD
Sandra Edlund
Susan Egenes
Joan Egerstrom
Janine Ellingson
Judy Ellingson
Dan Enderson
Jeannette Evenson
Heather Fahje
Mallory Felt
Louise Ferry
Mandy Flannigan
Gina Flaspeter
Kurt Flegel
Logan Flegel
Thomas Foley
Rose Forsman
Sandra Fossen
Suzanne Fragodt
Casidy Geer
Laura Goulet
Matthew Grant
Tara Gromatka
Liane Grussing
Jeff Guest
Katie Guse
Roxanne Hagen-Wrobleski
Alex Halvorson
Melissa Hampton
Jean Hanson
Diana Harstad
Diane Hauer
Katie Hauge
Michael Heinzig
Sarah Helmberger
Roberta Helmbrecht
Suzanne Hess
Todd Hodenfifi eld
Maggie Holleman
Judy Holmlund
Lori Holt
Warren Holte
Michael Holte, MD
Richard Horecka, MD
Jane Howard
Kathleen Jacobson
Sarah Jaeger
Brenda Jensen
Amy Jobgen
Meghan Johnson
Ashley Kalthoff
Cynthia Kanten
Megan Kent
Steven Kidd, MD
Amanda Klein
Joyce Klucas
Julie Knutson
Adam Kolander
Holly Kolander
Joyce Lagred
Thomas Lange, MD
Barbara Larson
Claudette Larson
Daniel Lee
Michael Lee
Tony Lenz
Ryan Lussenden, MD
Linda Martin
Angela Mattheisen
Matthew Mattheisen
Sarah McGeary-Dehaan
Charlotte McGee
Jana McGinty
Melissa McGinty-Thompson
Mallory McNally
Sheila Messer-Szczur
Kelly Michaelson
Sara Miller
Jessica Minchow
Leann Mitteness
Susan Moe
James Moeding
Christi Mogler
Erin Nagler
Michelle Nelson
Debra Kay Olson
Holly Olson
Monica Olson
Steven Orbeck
Traci Pahl
Kailyne Pangrac
Stephanie Payne
Rebecca Petersen
Sara Reich
Angela Ricker
Courtney Rittenour
Holly Rodahl
Mary Rodahl
Michele Samuelson
Naomi Sands
Jody Sauls
Lacey Schlotte
Kristin Schmidt
Julia Schoborg
Kimberly Schroeder
Brianna Schuerman
Marjon Simonson
Melina Simonson
Michele Sonnabend
Lyndsy Spencer
Lynette Sulier
Kathy Svingen
Jayne Thielke
Amy Thomas
Carol Thompson
Stephanie Thompson
Tammy Thompson
Keith Thompson, CRNA
Erol Uke, MD
Arthur Valentine
Shari VanBriesen, RN, MSN, CNP
Kathryn Vogelpohl
Kurt Waldbillig
Brianna Watkins
Rachel Wilcox, RN, CNP
Jacqueline Wollschlager
Deborah Wrobleski
Kristina Wrobleski
Stephanie Wrobleski
Lori Yanish
Susan Zaic