In accordance with the Federal No Surprises Billing Act, Swift County-Benson Health Services has implemented Good Faith Estimates. A Good Faith Estimate provides a cost estimate for services delivered to self pay or uninsured patients. These estimates are designed to support health care decisions and protect patients from unexpected, out-of-network medical bills.

Patients who may receive Good Faith Estimates include those enrolled in no-network plans (reference-based pricing plans, health sharing ministries, non-covered services) or enrolled in short-term, limited-duration plans (work-comp, auto, third-party liability).

Estimates include all appropriate discounts including Uninsured Discounts and Financial Assistance if applicable. Estimates may be provided to insured patients as well but Swift County-Benson Health Service’s main focus is to inform self pay patients. Estimates are not required for emergency services.

A Good Faith Estimate is required if an appointment is scheduled three or more business days in advance. The estimate will be provided within 1-3 business days of the appointment date depending on when the appointment is scheduled. A patient can also request an estimate without scheduling an appointment, in which case the estimate will be provided within 3 business days.

Understand what’s included in your annual physical visit

During an annual physical exam, your health care provider may need to help you with a health concern that is not usually part of a physical exam appointment. It may be a concern that is usually addressed with a separate visit or one that was newly found during your physical exam.

Common reasons for added charges:

  • Additional testing (ex. labs for new or chronic conditions)
  • Counseling or education on a new illness
  • Medication renewal or adjustments for chronic conditions
    like diabetes, depression, hypertension, and others
  • Wart or skin lesion removal

Learn more about Billing here.


Before your exam, it’s important to check with your insurance to see what is included in an annual physical.

Typically, a physical exam includes a review of applicable health screenings, assessing weight/BMI, skin checks, contraception needs, and STD testing, etc.

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