Annually, over 750,000 people undergo total joint replacement surgery. When that decision has been made between you and your doctor, let us help guide the way! Our program is divided into 3 phases:

  • The first phase encompasses physical therapy before surgery, prehabilitation or “pre-hab”. This helps to improve range of motion, strength and general conditioning to allow for improved tolerance to the surgery and faster recovery afterwards. This is also a great way to learn what the process of surgery and the therapy afterwards will encompass.
  • Phase 2 includes the inpatient rehabilitation, which starts immediately following surgery. The focus of this therapy is to begin range of motion exercises, as well as independently getting in and out of bed and walking, in order to return to your home safely.
  • Phase 3 concludes with home health or outpatient therapy. Learn to care for yourself with improved ease and gain the strength and balance to return to what matters to you – whether it be work, golf, or playing with grandkids! We have the latest equipment to ensure your fastest recovery.
Joint Replacement Therapy