Progressive Neurological Disorders

LSVT Program(Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease)

Many diagnosed disorders can cause changes in movement, but luckily, scientific research exists to show that exercise is one of our best tools to combat these changes! At Swift County Benson Hospital, the therapy team has been trained in LSVT BIG™ (Lee Silverman Voice Training, BIG), which is movement specific treatment for neurological disorders. In therapy, the single goal of our sessions will be “moving BIG” with whole body movements, which mimic everyday activities. This program has been proven to improve functional mobility, as well as slow the progression of common impairments including freezing, slowed movements, or depressed amplitude of movement which makes fastening buttons, getting up from a chair, or even walking a challenge. This treatment allows our patients to feel empowered; it is a great way to fight back against the disorder, without the side effects of medications!

This program also has a complimentary aspect, called LSVT LOUD – which focuses on improving voice amplitude and improving ability for our patients to be heard.

For additional information on the BIG program, please call 320-843-1340 or visit LSVT Global – What is LSVT BIG?