Staying With UsWelcome Patient,

Patient care is our most important job. We understand that entering a hospital can be confusing and overwhelming for you and your loved ones. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care to each of our patients.

We are also sensitive and responsive to the issues you and your support network are facing. We want to make sure your experience at SCBH is as pleasant as possible and that your questions are answered.


Everyone, whether patient, family member or friend, is a “guest” at Swift County-Benson Hospital.

Visitors are almost always welcome in patient rooms, however there are times when they may be asked to leave the room temporarily. Visitors are usually asked to leave during nursing care and at mealtimes (7:30 am, 11:30 am and 5 pm) unless they are coming to help feed the patient. Visiting a patient is also not possible when the following restrictions apply:

  • The patient requests no visitors
  • The physician or care provider writes an order restricting visitation
  • During periods of flu outbreaks (at those times, signs will be posted at the hospital entrance.)

Children may visit patients provided that:

  • The child is accompanied by an adult visitor at all times.
  • The child is not ill.
  • The child is wearing shoes at all times.

Nursing staff can limit the number of visitors and duration of the
visit in the best interest of the patient.

Chapel and Your Spiritual Adviser

Our chapel is located near the visitor entrance. It is nondenominational and is open 24/7 to patients and visitors. If you wish to see your spiritual advisor, you or a family member should notify them about your hospitalization.

Front Lobby/Registration

Our patient registration desk is located close to the main entrance. If you are registering, please have your current insurance information with you at the time you register. Information desk personnel will work with you to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If they can’t help you they will put you in contact with a staff member who can answer your questions or attend to your needs.

Food Service

Patient meals are served at 7:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Our dietitian and kitchen staff prepare meals for patients according to your doctor’s orders. Relay your food preferences or substitutes to the Dietary Supervisor or your nursing staff.

Your visitors can dine with you by checking with the nurses’ desk before 9:30 am for lunch. We can also serve supper meals for families and would like to know by 3 pm. Please tell your nurse about your plans. Your nurse will then call the kitchen with your visitor’s meal choices. Visitor meals may be eaten with patients or they can go to the dining area for a meal.


No one is denied access to services due to inability to pay. If you would like financial information about your stay ask your nurse to set up an appointment with an SCBH financial advisor. A financial advisor can help with an application for state-supported insurance, Affordable Care Insurance or recommend other options to help you, such as a discounted/sliding fee schedule.

Health Insurance

Please bring your insurance policy identification and numbers with you when you are admitted. If the information is not available at that time, please call or send it to the billing office as soon as possible. We will bill your insurance carrier as a courtesy to you provided we are given the necessary information. If your insurance company requires prior authorization, please let us know so we can contact your insurance company for you. We accept credit card payments.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item while you were at the hospital, please contact the front lobby information desk for assistance in finding it.

Patients’ Rights

At admission patients receive a copy of the Patients’ Bill of Rights. Please read this document carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Health Information Services Department.


Minnesota law prohibits smoking in the hospital to protect the health and safety of our patients. Thank you for not smoking on the SCBH campus.

Patients who smoke can speak to their care provider or attending nurse about being prescribed a nicotine patch during their stay.


Each patient room has a telephone. Dial 9 to get an outside line. All local calls are free. Patients and visitors with cell phones can use them in the room for local and long distance calls. If using the room phone, long distance calls must be charged to a phone card or made as a “collect” call. If you need assistance, dial “0” and ask for help. Phones are also located in the front lobby and hallway.

Waiting Rooms

Four waiting areas are located throughout the hospital. They are available to visitors, family members and patients. Make yourself comfortable in these areas. You can use cell phones in the waiting rooms and bring in snacks while you wait.

Parking and Map

First time to Swift County-Benson Hospital? Click below to see our location on Google Maps. Visitor parking is located directly across the street.