You can access the SCBHS Emergency Department using the circle drive entrance on Wisconsin Avenue. It is  staffed 24 hours a day by specially trained emergency professionals.

Emergency Care Enhanced With Safety In Mind

SCBHS is committed to treating patients locally using the most medically advanced care available to our community through a variety of partnerships and services.

When emergency care is needed, you or an EMS team must rush your loved one to the
nearest Emergency Room. Knowing that the space is created with safety measures in mind
adds another level of security during these critical situations. Swift County-Benson Health
Services recently remodeled its Emergency Department to enhance safety and privacy.

Observation Room – During a mental health crisis, it is vital to keep patients and staff safe
from a variety of unfathomable dangers. The newly designed observation room offers a
garage door-style barrier protecting patients from items that could be needed during their
care. The space also allows staff to turn off electrical outlets. Safety measures were also put
in place to keep staff safe when entering the room.

“We are committed to the health and safety of our patients—including those facing a
mental health crisis,” said Melissa McGinty-Thompson.“ This space creates an added level of
protection to navigate through these moments with our patients.”

Secure Entry – The emergency department, by nature, is often utilized during high stress
situations. The new remodel creates a secure entrance so staff and visitors can be as safe as
possible knowing who is entering through emergency doors. Badge-locking doors allow
staff to control patient and visitor flow in case of violence or animosity amongst patients or

“When we are caring for patients in those traumatic moments, our staff now has the added
comfort of knowing there are security measures in place to control visitor and other patient
traffic, allowing them to focus their complete attention on their patient,” said Melissa. The
space also offers a visitor waiting area that can be locked off from the patient care areas.

Our newly remodeled emergency department