Starting January 25, 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) began their short-term COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution plan. Because of the limited doses available, MDH is providing vaccines directly to the ten large care delivery systems, which reach 60% of the Minnesota population 65 and older. In addition, other clinics that serve this population were chosen randomly to receive the vaccine. Unfortunately, Swift County Benson Health Services was not one of the random clinics chosen in this round.

Sites were randomly selected, with doses allocated based on the patient population data that was submitted to MDH during the registration process. Doses are limited to a maximum of 300 doses per provider to distribute to as many sites as possible. The federal government has suggested that future allocations would be based on the sites ability to quickly administer vaccine rather than population. The Governor has set the expectation that providers utilize the vaccine they receive to assure 90% vaccine is administered within 72 hours and 100% within 7 days.

As additional vaccine becomes available, MDH will shift to a distribution process that will increase the number of providers receiving vaccine across the state. The ongoing roles of health care organizations is still a work-in-progress. Individuals 65 and older are encouraged to make an appointment at one of the nine pilot sites available and can pre-register each Tuesday by calling 833-431-2053 or online at Individuals that pre-register have an opportunity to be randomly selected to make an appointment.

Swift County Benson Health Services will continue to keep you updated with vaccine information as it becomes available. Please note that vaccine information changes rapidly. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

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